Sunday, 5 April 2015

GNW artillery

Got the GNW artillery done, but not much else other than basing.  Here's the result.  Not too bad at all. 

First the Russians.  

 Then the Swedes.  

I've still to do some lighter guns, probably two for each side. I've also got some really big gun which is a bit too big to look good on a 30mm frontage base, so I may well do it on 60mm frontage and call it 2 guns in a game.    

And last Thursday at the club there were 4 games of ADG on the go.  My Burgundian Ordnance narrowly lost to a Free company, Medieval Germans took on Medieval Hungarians, Andalusian Arab types took on more Late Hungarians, and Picts took on some type of Roman army.  

I only saw the action on our table and the two medieval tables closest to us, but everyone seemed to have a good game - even the over-intense competition head on the Picts vs Romans table who at times seemed to want to start a good FoG style argument.  

The arabs seemed to loose heavily and steadily while on the other table the Hungarians were being pressed by the Germans.  

On our table, I had taken the mixed bow and spear units, 6 knights, some crossbow and an artillery piece, a grand total of 17 units.  The Free Company had 6 knights, longbow, some levy and some chappies with HCW, a total of 18 units.  

The Free Company won the initiative and advanced rapidly and I thought I was going to be well caught out.  A few good rolls saved me in some exchanges of bowfire and in knight-on-knight melee.  The HCW chaps got in amongst my mixed spear and bow and caused a bit of damage, but nothing too drastic, certainly a lot less than I had feared.  A lot of units had some cohesion damage but both sides held in there for a long time.  But eventually with cohesion at something like 16 against me to 14 against the Free Company, I lost a knight who'd already suffered 2 hits.  Game over; but it was an excellent game.  

Next week - Sails of Glory. Probably 6 - 8 players round the table with 1 or 2 ships each. 


  1. very impressive sight of artillery units - love the Russian red coats/blue cuffs, very striking!


  2. You have been going "great guns" with these splendid artillery pieces and crews.