Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Dystopian Wars stuff

I've been plodding on with some stuff, though as with other people, the rest of life has taken up most of my spare time.

But here's the Dystopian stuff I've worked on.  I got a couple of batches of Federated States of America stuff off tinterbay, most of it unpainted. There was some duplication of models, so I painted up these ones and sold them on tinterbay. 

This is the basic fleet and a carrier; a battleship, 3 cruisers, 9 frigates, 2 bombers and 10 tiny flyers.  Plus the carrier.

The battleship.  I can't take credit for the idea of the paint scheme, as some of the other models I bought were painted this way, but I did like the way it looked so decided to paint the models in a similar scheme.

This is the second basic fleet I got.  Painted in much the same colour scheme, though with a slightly brighter red on the hulls. 

And this is the dreadnought which I got painted and which was the inspiration for painting the rest of the models.  All I did was lighten the deck colour a bit and paint over patches where paint had rubbed off during playing.

Next up the Great Northern War Swedish infantry which are nearing completion.  

Friday, 3 July 2015

Thursday night at the club

This week it was WIngs of War.  4 of us playing on a 3 x 2.5 foot map.  We managed 3 games in the one night.  

Game 1. 
One chap had got a Gotha bomber, so we set up a scenario where the Gotha had to go the length of the map to complete a bombing mission.  He had a fighter escort and the allies had two fighters to try to stop them.  Great fun. The Gotha takes 27 hits before it goes down (normal planes are about 16 range).  I was on the allied side (some Bristol F2B plane, I think). I managed to get on the Gotha's tail, though couldn't prevent him reaching the target. Fortunately, he missed the target on the first bomb run.  I was then knocked down, but the other allied plane finished off the Gotha.   

Game 2 was a two-a-side dogfight.  Different planes were used.  Usual whirling fun, and this time I managed to be the last plane flying. 

Game 3 was a last-man-standing free-for-all.  Again some different planes, and I had some two-seater thingy. I survived till the last two, but lost to the winner by consistently getting my opponent in my own blind spot while he knocked lumps off me. 

In the background at the club were two games of FoGR, a sci-fi thingy and a new block game on Waterloo (Waterloo 200, I think).  

All the Tsar's horses

After what seems like a long time, I got the GNW cavalry finished. Or nearly all of them finished.   
Here's the horses with some of the basing done. I wasn't too sure about some of the chestnuts; they seemed a bit bright, so I gave then a wash of sepia to tone them down.  The bases were painted khaki over a cream undercoat base, drybrushed sand and highlighted in cream.  

Then spread out with the first two Russian cavalry I did placed at the back.  

Then the dragoon chappies themselves plus the flock on the bases.  Incidentally, the horses at the front-left without riders are there because I finished the horses, but the red dragoons have yet to be started.    

And then the flags, and they're looking ready for business.  

Next up for the GNW has to be painting infantry and more infantry.  And Swedish cavalry.  And generals.  And the rest of the Russian cavalry and foot dragoons ...!