Sunday, 19 April 2015

Thursday nights at the club

Here's what we did in the last couple of meetings.  

Two weeks ago was Sails of Glory.  Six of us round a 4 x 4 foot table.  3 a side with one ship each.  I had the l'imperial, a nice 108 gun ship.  There was one equivalent sized ship on the other side.  The other 4 ships were 70 - 80 gun.  Each side approached from an opposite corner of the table with the wind coming from a 3rd corner.  

I think some naval chappie said a captain could do no better than put his ship into harm's way - and so I did.  I got in several good broadsides, even once moving between two enemy ships and firing off full port and starboard broadsides in the same turn.  But I took a bit of damage and eventually was the first ship to sink.  But an excellent game and fun for all.  

In the background were games of FoG Renaissance and some science-fiction thing.   

Last week, there was some planned building work going on in the area used by the club, so we played boardgames.  

First up was Mexica, a brilliant 4-player game of canals and bridges and and buildings.  Great fun, where players have to establish areas through building canals and then spread the building work to win control of each area.  This time playing the game I came last.      

Next was Boom Town, with 5 of us playing.  Boom Town is an old favourite, a game of developing a town area while doing down the other players and their attempts to do the same.

Finally we played Richard's game, a fun little card game where every card is named for a Richard.  One side of the card has a description of the person; Richard the III, Richard Dawkins, Richard Baker etc.  The other side of the card has that person's date of birth.  The objective is to read the description, then arrange the cards in order of the date of birth and hold the cards up for the other players to tell you if you are right.  If you are correct you take another card, but if wrong you don't.  The winner is the player who gets to 6 cards and is able to arrange them in the correct date of birth order.  

In the background was a game of FoG Renaissance.   

Next week, two of us will be playing Maurice with 6mm Marlburian figures.  Possibly a scenario based on Ramilles.

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