Sunday, 8 February 2015

15mm Byzantines and an ADG test

I missed the club last week, so I thought I post some pictures on how an old DBM army might look for the ADG rules.  

First up, the whole lot.  This originally started out as a DBA army to challenge my Arabs, then it just 'growed'.  I can't actually remember how many figures there are in total.  

The cataphract types supported by light horse archers (and surplus generals at the back).     

The centre with some skirmishers, generals and the mixed spear/bow skutatoi supported by the main thema, some second rate-thema behind and the tagmata on their right.         

The right flank with varangians and a spear-armed variant, supported by the tagmata and light horse on the flank.       

Some close ups.      


And so to the ADG army.  For the first 200 point test, I had 3 generals, 4 thema, 2 tagmata, 2 cataphracts, 4 skutatoi, 1 varangian, 4 light horse and 4 skirmishers.  The cataphtacts don't have to be double based but I like the wedge formation so I left them in place.  

For the second test, I doubled up the thema basing so it would look like the front rank lancers were backed up by bows.       

For the last test, I took away the doubled up cavalry units, and just had them as recommended in the rules, i.e. only heavier infantry units are two bases deep; everything else is just one base. I'm now thinking I could have reduced the infantry to one base deep, though I would have lost the visual appeal of the spear and bow combination.          

More experiments another time.