Saturday, 19 November 2011

An appeal for a boardgame

Most of the past two months have been spent dragging old boardgames from the shelves and playing some of them. Lots of Napoleonic games and some WW2.  

One game I don't have but which I'd like to get is GMT's Barbarossa: Army Group Centre. Sadly it's out of print.  

I'm actually thinking of going to the Miniatures Page or elsewhere to see if anyone would be prepared to swop a copy for some painted miniatures armies. I have several 15mm armies which I'm intending to sell - Philistine, Mongol and Seljuk Turk. I'll post photos of them later. 

Could this be a good idea? To swop a minatures army for a boardgame? Maybe. 

And update ... I got a copy via ebay. That's me now got all the GMT Barbarossa games. WW2 East Front games for nutters. Sadly at the moment they only cover the 1941 campaign, but future releases will go to 42 and beyond. 

changes to the GNW stuff

I was doing some GNW stuff, then got fed up with the 120mm wide basing I was using for Impetus Baroque and the finish on the bases. So I decided to change the bases and use some gravel that a friend had given me. So now the infantry are on 3 bases and the cavalry on 2. It took a bit of time but I find the units physically easier to handle. 

Also did a bit of culture shock for me here on the bases. I used a dark-ish brown base coat and dry brushing sand and finally cream for highlights. Then I added the flock grass. I might still add a bit more longer flock grass in places. Overall, I'm quite happy the way they've turned out.

Now I just to finish off the rest. Grenadiers in red coats and dragoons in yellow coats are started, along with a couple of infantry units.

Of course, one of the sad things at the moment is that I'm kinda going off the big figures. So I may well sell the GNW Danes next year. Maybe a game with them might change my mind.

shake up for the paints and brushes

Finally got off my rear echelon this week and started using the paints again. Bit of a shocker for the brushes and paints tho' - they must've thought they'd gone into hibernation for the winter. 

First paint went on some more Late Imperial Romans.
Legion archers at the front - ones on the right have their red tunics.  Legion and Auxilia in the middle - I still have to decide on shield colours. Then scruffy asiatic horse archer types at the back. I usually choose a colour 'theme' for my irregular troops, then do lots of variations on that. The guys on the right will be mainly yellows and reds, the guys on the left mainly greens with some reds. 
This pic is the other half of the paint tray. The painted guys in the middle were used as a bit of a reference on what I'd already done many years ago.  

Now there is a motive with all this, because I'm going to part with a few 15mm ancient armies. The fully painted armies will be first and the mostly painted (like the Romans) will be next, as soon as I can get them finished.