Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Another larf and a mini Cosmo quiz

A good friend likes the Napoleon at War rules. We've played a good few games now, with me using some of my 15mm figures on sabot bases. All good fun, and eventually I decided to put together a force based specifically for Napoleon at War.  

And so to the mini-quiz.  I'm sure other gamers will recognise the issue / dilemma. As someone with several thousand 15mm Napoleonic figures, did I;  

        a)  rebase some of my existing painted figures.      

        b)  rebase and paint some of my undercoated figures. 

        c)  buy a new set of figures just for Napoleon at War.

If you answered C, congratulations. That's what I did. You can never have enough figures in your favourite era.  

And here's some of what I got and what I'm currently working on - Russians for Napoleon at War.    

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Ancient Spanish photos

Photos of the Spanish to show what they look like based and undercoated.   

This is everything - including the still bare metal mounted command at the top left.  

And a closer picture.  

 And pictures of each type. Left to right, skirmishers, auxilia 1, auxilia 2, celtiberian and round shield types. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The Seljuk Turks - part 2

Or maybe that should be part 1, with the generals and the heavy cavalry now taking their place. A couple of pictures of each.  All 15mm Essex figures again..

The heavy cavalry look a bit more like mamelukes, but they put on a good show, usually in the centre of the line with the turkoman and other light cavalry on the flanks.    

Monday, 30 July 2012

and more 15mm armies - the Seljuk Turks

And another army. Or part of it anyway. Seljuk Turks. All 15mm Essex figures.
First the Turkomans. Each unit focussed around a colour but with variations.

And the seljuk types with a unit of camels from somewhere.  

More to come after next photo session - heavy cavalry and infantry. 

more 15mm ancient armies - philistine / bibical

This Philistine or bibical army is also on the list to go.  There are a lot of them. 20 chariots and 320 infantry and other odds 'n' ends. All 15mm Essex figures.
The whole lot and the chariots.  

Then there are the javelin and spears. Lots of them. 

And the skirmisher and javelin and pointy-stick people.  

 And always scope for jokes about chaps on their ass. 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

First of armies for sale - mongols

Just going to post a few pictures before I pitch the armies on other sites. First up are the mongols.  All 15mm Essex figures.