Tuesday, 22 September 2015

15mm ancients stuff

These are some pictures for friends who have bought some of my figures. 

First, some Carthaginians.  These are my remaining painted Carthaginians.  All of it Essex 15mm figures. There are 2 elephants, Celtiberians, Auxilian, Citizen Spear, Numidian light horse and javelins and Gauls.  At the back are some generals that needed a bit of repair work.  

And some Romans.  This is a legion, with the triarii in the distance, the hastate in front of the principes and the velites nearest.  I think the odd blue tinge in the photos is because the natural light was fading when I it took the them.   

some workbench, some older

I've not posted for a while as August took a sad turn, including some family hospital stuff and the separate loss of a very old friend in Denmark and the wife of another friend.  It puts little toy soldiers into perspective.

Anyhow, I've been painting some stuff, all with the intention of selling it. Here's some of the 28mm Seleucids.  The figures date back 20 plus years, but have been in boxes for years.  

Stuff I'm working on - camels and pike and Thracians.  All Essex miniatures.

A flump and a scythed chariot.  These were painted several years ago and based for WRG. Then I based them for Impetus, and now they're back to being for WRG. 

Some Auxilia

The flump and the howdah. I attach the howdah with blutak. It makes for easier storage.  

A general and Companions with some light horse archers in the background 

And some pike.  Like the stuff above, these were painted several years ago and based for WRG. Then based for Impetus, and now back to WRG. 

There's way more to be finished.  I think there's a total of 120 pike, 3 elephants, 2 scythed chariots, skirmishers, auxilia and a whole batch of mounted stuff. I reckon I'll have to split it into at least 3 armies to sell it.  More later.