Friday, 6 April 2012

Club night - Field of Glory Napoleonic FoGN

Last Thursday we had a bash of FogN for the first time. 25/28mm figures belonging to a friend. 8 of us round the 8 foot long table and with 2 FoGgers playing and the 2 most experienced FoGgers guiding us from the sidelines. 

French on one side, 2 divisions of infantry and 1 of cavalry with similar on the Anglo-Dutch-Belgian side. It was a kind of usual stumble through a new set of rules for most of us though we quickly got to grips with it via the QR stuff. (All but one of us have been playing games for more than 25 years so we tend not to have issues getting to grips with new rules.)  

It seems to be a brigade level game with each unit of 4 stands representing a brigade of around 2000 men. All stands based on a 40mm front for 15mm or 60mm for 25mm figures. 

And the game? Well, I thought it was dull, but that may be because I think the basic FoG mechanisms are dull. It just didn't seem to have much of anything 'Napoleonic' in it for me. I could go on with details of our game - but I can't be bothered.

Will I play again? I'm not sure. But if others at the club play I might join in. I think FoGgers will play it because it's FoG, not because it's Napoleonic.  

But the best comments are from a discussion on The Miniatures Page. 

1- FOG Napoleonic: Bringing overly technical, wooden, chess like rules to Napoleonic wargaming.
Because why should Ancients players have all the tedium?

2. Played FOG once, felt like somebody had accidentally wrapped the dustcover from a wargame rulebook around a geometry textbook.

That says it all.