Wednesday, 22 April 2015

new non-shiny toys

Got these the other day from the nice people at Minibits.  They are intended to be markers for ADG or Maurice or anything else that might benefit.   Up till now I've just used dice or counters.  

What I got were 20mm and 15mm round bases, dice-frames for 7mm and 12mm dice, and a selection of 10mm dice with frames.  

I'd seen Minibits stuff at shows and I'd bought some bases, but not bought the dice frames. Then I was prompted recently by a picture on a friend's blog where he incorporated a dice-frame into the base.  

See picture here,

Then I saw the blog,  where the chap cleverly put the dice-frame on a circular base and coloured the base the same as the units.  That sold me on the idea.  

Here's an example of what's intended.     

This is one of my Blue Moon 18mm Great Northern War units with the dice-frames in front.  I was trying to see what might look best for this scale.  

Left to right there are a 20mm round base, a 15mm round base with a 7mm dice-frame, a 20mm round base with a 10mm dice-frame and two 12mm dice frames, one on top of a 20mm square balsa base.

For 15 - 18mm figures, I reckon the best choice will be the 7mm dice-frame on the 15mm base.  I'll do some more experiments at the weekend.  Then I may see about gluing the frames to the bases and doing some textured basing.     


  1. Very nice, another idea I had was a separate base with a spare figure and dice frame. Ties it in with the unit but a lot more work.
    Too many ideas and not enough spare time, I love this hobby.

  2. Looks interesting and I am assuming there is a level of interest in ADG in Perth. On the subject of time I painted the back of a shield the other night :)

    Cheers, Ross

    1. There is a good level of interest in ADG. We all have 15mm armies from years gone by. There's 6 of us who used to regularly play DBM or even WRG 7th in them long lost days, but none of us ever took to FoG. There's a couple of FoGR players who sometimes play ADG because the rest of us play, and a couple of less frequent attending FoGR players who might play if their arms were twisted. And no-one really plays FoG Ancients any more anyway.

      There will be at least 2 games of ADG this coming week. You're always welcome to come along - time permitting. :)

  3. What on earth is ADG?
    I'm lost, please help!