Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Another larf and a mini Cosmo quiz

A good friend likes the Napoleon at War rules. We've played a good few games now, with me using some of my 15mm figures on sabot bases. All good fun, and eventually I decided to put together a force based specifically for Napoleon at War.  

And so to the mini-quiz.  I'm sure other gamers will recognise the issue / dilemma. As someone with several thousand 15mm Napoleonic figures, did I;  

        a)  rebase some of my existing painted figures.      

        b)  rebase and paint some of my undercoated figures. 

        c)  buy a new set of figures just for Napoleon at War.

If you answered C, congratulations. That's what I did. You can never have enough figures in your favourite era.  

And here's some of what I got and what I'm currently working on - Russians for Napoleon at War.