Sunday, 31 July 2016

Napoleonic British update

Just  a quick post to show how the British are progressing.  All are heading towards the final stages, but not quite there yet. 

The 92nd. 

A green facings regiment, probably to be the 73rd. 

A blue facings regiment which will probably be the 1st.  This is because one of my favourites higher units is Pack's Brigade in 1815.   

A yellow facings regiment. It's likely this will be the 44th (Essex). This unit is the one that's most along the way to getting finished. 

The 42nd. 

And another yellow facings regiment. I'm not sure who this will represent, perhaps the 30th.

More later.

Last week at the club

I've missed several weeks worth of posts, but here's a couple from the last two weeks. Other chaps at the club took the rest of us through a couple of Osprey rule sets. 

We played the Napoleonic naval game from Osprey. I think it was called Fighting Sale. It was great fun and very simple. Lots of dice. I wasn't sure about the 90 degree turn but we might have got that bit wrong. 

I prefer the move mechanism of Sails of Glory with cards, but the Osprey combat seemed a bit more straightforward. A good game which we'll try again. 

The other Osprey title was Lion Rampant and I think that was even more fun. It gave me a chance to dust off some skirmish figures that have been in a box for years. I didn't have enough for a full game so we played with what we had. We had a couple of great games and I think this is definitely one to play again. Lots of dice on both sides, leader casualties and forces running away. Maybe we'll get more people to dust off their skirmish armies. 

I must also admit I was very wary about going near these rules, particularly Lion Rampant. I'd suffered through FoG and FoGR and was uncertain about any more Osprey rules. I'd also tried and quickly got fed up of the Saga skirmish game as we seemed to spend half the night arranging dice on a board instead of moving around figures and actually rolling dice.

However, I've been pleasantly surprised by the two sets of rules and we'll play them again.

Next week is Black Powder with Napoleonics.