Tuesday, 16 September 2014

28mm Polybian Romans finished - 2

And the remainder of the Polybian Romans. 

At this point, I almost want to break into song ...
    There's a pink one, and a blue one, and a green one and a yellow one.
    And they're all made out of ticky-tacky and they all look just the same (but not quite ...)

And so, the yellow legion. I never got around to getting velites for it.    

And the mixed colour legion. I started off wanting to make this all blue, but I wasn't sure, so I split the colours by the hastati, principes and triarii.  I reckoned I could use this as a legion of slaves or raw recruits.     

And Italian Allies.  A basic colour for each unit but with variations so the figures wouldn't appear so uniform.   

And the cavalry.  Gripping Beast figures again, but the 4 chaps at the front are on Essex horses. 

And that's them. Not too bad overall. 

28mm Polybian Romans finished - 1

Finally got the 28mm Polybian Romans finished.  Took a bit longer than anticipated, but now I'll see if I can sell them on t'bay and re-invest the proceeds. 

Start with the generals. These are the Gripping Beast Scipio set mounted on Essex horses with an Essex general in the background.  I couldn't decide what to put on the standard because I wasn't sure if SPQR was applicable to this period, so I left it blank.    

Gripping Beast foot command with another Essex general in the background.

And the legions - all wonderfully colour co-ordinated.  Gripping Beast legion with Essex velites.   

A closer picture of the officer.  I've always though this a really nice figure.  

And the white legion. As before, Gripping Beast legion with Essex velites.      

And the green legion. Same as above - Gripping Beast legion and Essex velites.  

There is a theme here.  It's something I've done with a few of my ancient armies. No prizes for spotting it, but very well done if you do.  

more mid-war german stuff

It's a bit like buses - no posts for ages, then 2 show up at once. 

These are pictures of another batch of mid-war germans I painted for a friend at the club.  The infantry came about by reducing his panzergrenadier platoon to 4 figures to the base instead of 5, with myself and others then contributing surplus figures. The result was an additional 6 stand panzergrenadier platoon plus command.  

The first picture is just before some final finishing work and the basing.  

Then a few pictures of the finished articles.  

For the AA vehicles, there was the option to mount the spotter and loader beside the gunner, but my friend chose to have them mounted separately on small bases.    

And some more shots of the objectives, because I think they turned out OK.     

The platoon put together from surplus figures.      

And some better pictures of the Marders and Recce.    

All in all, not too bad.

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Poly Romans - week 4

Well, week 3 didn't really happen due to domestic stuff and then the world cup.  But over the past 2 weeks I managed a little painting.  Mostly trim round the mail of the triarii, cloaks and belts and gold on helmets and greaves.  The triarii are nearly finished.       

Hopefully next week I'll get more time to finish some of them. 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Poly Romans - week 2

The painting continues.  Maybe not at lightning speed, but progress.  Added an undercoat wash of grey to the chainmail and then a wash of steel.  Perhaps not as dark a steel as I'd wanted at first but I'll wait till I do more on the figures before I decide if I want to darken it.    

At the back is the blue legion.  I wanted to do something like this, but debated whether blue was really appropriate.  I stay with it for the triarii but I may make the hastati and principes of this legion different colours (they are the chaps at the back still in white).     

The Italian or Latin allies and the foot general.  I made one unit of Italians a mix of deep reds and the second a mix of cream and pale yellow.  The general and standard bearer have scarlet tunics as I'm trying to represent better quality cloth for the top-brass (a la British generals).  All the tunics done so far are just the one wash of colour over white.  Any highlights and shading are just the way the wash falls over ridges and into folds in the tunics.  

A rear view of the allies.  I'm still debating having the armour straps lots of different colours. 

And that's it for week 2.  I can't remember how long I was able to spend on them, perhaps only 3 - 4 hours.  There's a total of 124 figures to get done, incling the mounted CiC and 4 cavalry figures.  Roll on week 3.  

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Last of the Saxons

The last of the 6mm Saxons are done.  Could even say, the last stand of the Saxons or something similar.  No too bad overall and I'll pass them on to their owner later for basing and finishing.  Though, looking at it now, I kinda wish I'd put crosses on a few shields. 

The right flank.

The left flank.

A view from the rear.

And the lot viewed from the front.   
And this almost led to another fad.  While I was doing these I've been watching the tele series Vikings (watch an episode then go off and do some painting and repeat for several nights).  Then I looked at the Armati army lists, the DBA army lists, the 15mm Essex catalogue, the 25mm catalogue and then on t'internet at some of the plastic 28mm Saxons.  But the moment has passed, I didn't part with any cash and there are no wargame shows coming up soon.  So I'm safe, for now.       

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Next project - 28mm Poly Romans

Here's the next project.  I actually tried to sell these Gripping Beast figures on the bay as base metal, but they didn't sell.  I may have asked too much, but then I thought - how long would it take to paint them as a blitz effort.  Then maybe sell the lot with with my existing Romans.       

So here's the pictures of the first week.  It's all my normal white undercoat and colour wash.         

And that's it for week one.  I can't remember how long it took, but I reckon 3 hours or so to this point.