Saturday, 28 March 2015

Work in progress

I had thought to get some more GNW stuff done, but couldn't quite get the time to finish some more.  Here are some photos of current progress. The Swedish infantry at the back are done, but still to be based, and the artillery need the bases finished.  Hopefully, I'll get both done in the next few days. 

Part of the reason for the delay on the GNW figures was I started basing and re-basing the Seven Years war stuff.  Most of these have been unbased in boxes for years. Here are some quick views of the current state of play.    

First some Austrians. Cavalry will be 3 figures on a 40mm square base.  Here, I've put the 2 outer figures on a base and put the the centre figure on a temporary base.  This is just to allow me to start the texturing on the main base and allow me the space to paint the figures.  The chaps at the top right are the light infantry chasseurs, grenzer and pandours in 16 figure units.   

And some Austrian infantry.  A similar basing principle here with 3 figures mounted at the front of a 40mm wide base, with the rear rank on a temporary base to allow me the space to paint the figures.  These will make 8 battalions of 23 figures  (the mounted infantry officer takes the space of 2 infantry).  

And some Prussians.  Same principle on basing here.  I've still to base fusiliers, grenadiers, cavalry, artillery and generals.        

And waiting in the wings are the British (getting  these was all a good idea at the time).    

And the French. These were originally based to Age of Reason, then rebased for a DBA, Volley and Bayonet or a Shako variant, but now I'm going to base them for Maurice.     

And some close shots of some French units. They must be blinking in the light as they've been in boxes for 15 years and more.   


  1. All this unpainted lead even after your clear outs :) The painted figures look great and I look forward to try Maurice in the future.

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Thanks Ross. I'd be happy to have a game of Maurice when you get some time.

      And even if I don't have some of the above stuff finished, we could always play an English Civil War variant. It's not that different and a bit of imagination can easily translate the 18th century flavour of the cards into a 17th century equivalent.