Sunday, 26 June 2011

GNW work in progress

And why not ... I think I'll try to show a unit going start to finish.  This will be the Fynske regiment for the Danes in the Great Norther War. 
I use white undercoat and thin coats of paint, almost washes.  So, basic white spray and added flesh.
Then green for the facing colour.  Any splotches and overspills will be corrected later.   
 Hopefully, more to come, though there may be a delay as real life or laziness take over.

Great units of the wargames table - The Red Lancers

The first of what might be an occasional series.  The 2nd Dutch Lancers of Napoleon's Imperial Guard have graced many a table. 
Years ago I used to have Historex 54mm models of the Dutch and Polish lancers, some Minifigs 25mm and first generation Minifigs 15mm, but they have all gone, though I still have the little coloured card that came with the Historex models.     
I still have my second generation Minifigs 15mm. These are based for Napoleon's Battles (but they also do for Age of Eagles and Shako).    
And - for Napoleonic anoraks (geeks) - I also have the Young Guard squadrons of the Dutch lancers. Again based for Napoleon's Battles, the YG had uniforms in the reverse colours of the parent unit, so blue uniforms with red facings.  
And some Essex figures,  
And of course, they appear in some boardgames.  A combo photo. 
Top row, left to right, the SPI boardgames Ney vs Wellington and Wellinton's Victory. 
Middle row, La Bataille de les Quatre Bras. The 14-14 is the regiment counter and the 3 x 4-14 are squadron breakdowns.     
Bottom row, La Bataille de la Moscowa.  Old version and then new version. 
I've got to add something from the painting from the Waterloo cyclorama.  Still inspiring. 
And something from the elegant work in the Bucquoy books. 

GNW bash

My only surviving picture from a bash we had using Basic Impetus Baroque.  This is a view from the centre of the field to the Russian left.  Note the complete absence of Danish cavalry on the Russian side. This was because I thought it was a good idea to go through the hedge, get disordered, then try to fight the Swedish cavalry.  Ho-hum, there's no accounting for stupidity.


Thursday, 23 June 2011

newest figure painting - the great northern war

Two of the guys in the Perth club have been doing the Great Northern War in 28mm figures with Swedes and Russians.  Prompted to join in I decided to get some Danes.  Here are the first chappies as work in progress.  These are based for Basic Impetus Baroque.  Infantry and cavalry are on 120mm frontage, artillery on 60mm.  

Some friends use sand on the bases and I decided to give it a try.  Not sure about it though, so I might change it back to my normal mix of filler and small stones before I add the flock grass to finish.

old, new, borrowed and blue

This is my most recent purchase.  It's the new version of La Bataille de la Moskowa.  The 1812 battle of Borodino at the level of infantry battalions, cavalry regiments and artillery batteries and 100 yard hexes.  There are a lot of counters (1000 plus) but they are madly beautiful.  The four map sections create a battlefield some 44 x 68 inches.   
Some 30 plus years ago, I bought the GDW version of this game.  And what a difference the years make.  Here is a bit of the new map.
And here's how it looked all those years ago. 
And the new map Fleches.  
And the old.
And now some new counters, as yet uncut from the sheet - the 'terrible' 57th in the middle. 
And how they looked many years ago (The counter for General Compans is my homemade addition). 

here we go

Well - let's see how this works.  I have been wargaming with figures and boardgames for many (many) years and this will be a little corner to share some activities. 

I live in Scotland and belong to the the Legion wargame club in Dunfermline and to Perth wargame club.

My main interests are Napoleonics and what's generally been called the horse and musket era, though I also have a lot of ancients, renaissance and ww2 figures. I also do a lot of boardgames, mainly ww2 though Napoleonics and ACW also feature.    

My figure collection is mainly 15mm and the last time I counted, there were over 15,000 figures (I really should have a clear-out).  And I know there are quite a few boardgames on my shelves.   

Now, let's see if I can post a photo or two ...