Tuesday, 2 February 2016

games at the club

For the 3rd meeting in January I played the introductory scenario from an old favourite Avalon Hill game - Turning Point: Stalingrad.  The idea was to go through the scenario as a refresher on the rules, then to do the whole thing in February or March, playing using my double-sized map and counters. 

Last week I played a game of ADG with an old friend and valued opponent. This was not part of the club tourney, but just for the fun.  It was his Scots against my HYW English (my WoR figures doing the duty as stand-ins).  And this time I remembered the camera.

Here's the set up and first moves viewed from my right flank.  

And a closer view of my centre. The right hand knight is a stand-in I borrowed from my opponent because I only had one knight element in this box.   

And the left flank.  I had great faith in my swordsmen (ex-billmen) against the Scots spears, but it was unfounded. 

The lines are about to close of my left.  I deliberately held back on my right as I was hoping to win in the centre and left.  

Clunk - my swordsmen and foot knights clash with the spears.  The little dice in the marker holders are the number of disorders a unit has taken.  Light units take 2 before routing, mediums take 3 and the heavies, as here, take 4.   

This is a little later. Note the absence of swordsmen to the left of my foot knights.  I was unable to win a combat and unable to rally them - so, gone.  My knights however, have won against their knightly opposition and are pressing forward.

And here my opponent is measuring to bring his spears into contact with my centre bows. I held him for a time and the bows gave a good account of themselves, but the losses mounted and soon my left and then my centre crumbled. My right flank bows, amazingly enough, stood firm and routed a few spear units as well as causing casualties to most of the others.

Though I lost the battle, my opponent had the grace to call it more of a draw because I had caused him to lose some 19 out of an army total of 21.  
Elsewhere in the club, there was this game of FoGR, with some late renaissance German bunch taking on the Louis XIV French.  I think the French eventually won, though I recall hearing that the German artillery and cuirassiers did a good bit of damage.   

This pick up game of Commands and Colours Ancients was also under way. A game of ADG had been planned, but one chap couldn't make it.  Note here, the absence of Carthaginian units on the left. Shortly after this point the Romans achieved a victory.  

Elsewhere there was some multi-player Emperors of Europe type game going on, but I didn't take a photo. Next week is more ADG though I've still to arrange a specific game of something.