Monday, 20 October 2014

Arnhem game for 70th Anniversary

This year is the 70th anniversary of several WW2 battles.  We'd planned an Arnhem game for September but real life got in the way so we played last weekend.  

These are my shaky photos from the day.  For better photos and a report, please go over to,
This is the blog of Russ, the chap who put together all the terrain and the forces and designed the scenario.  All myself and Nick had to do was show up and play.  We rolled a dice and I was the British. 

This is the first attack by the Germans as seen from the British side. It's on the north east corner of the perimeter and saw 3 SS platoons attack the dug-in and concealed British platoon. 

Here's the corresponding view from the German side.  German pressure took it's toll on the paratroopers and though the Germans suffered many losses they eventually overwhelmed the British platoon.     

A turn or so later, Grabner shows up crossing the bridge and trying to progress down the ramp.  We didn't represent the bridge - just the ramp on the northern side.  Just to the left of this picture - behind the buildings - is the blue line of the river.  The anti-tank guns did sterling work here as shown by the smoke markers on the destoyed vehicles.  

A later turn with the anti-tank guns doing more damage on the ramp.  And to the left of the picture are more German reinforcements - platoons of Mark 3's and Mark 4's. Just in front of the grey building beside the ramp are the British mortars who also did good work. On the top floor of the building is the spotter who survived several attempts by Grabners platoons to hit him.       

This is a view from the ramp looking west.  This was the end of the game I think and by this time, I think Grabner's force had lost 4 platoons and lined up the 75mm guns to destroy the paratroopers.  Also in this picture are 3 Mark 3 tanks that tried to assault the building but bogged down and were eventually destroyed when close assaulted by paratroopers with gammon bombs.  Alas, at this point, the British in the middle house are down to Frost, a platoon commander and a piat team.  In the distance is a destroyed armoured car.        

This is a wider shot of the game end situation. The British have been cleared from the east side of the ramp. Testimony to the defence is the platoon of 5 destroyed Mark 4's.  Two were destroyed by the anti-tank gun and one bogged down vehicle destroyed by a close assault by the second in command. 

Also testiment to the defence are the 5 german SS stands on the slope leading to the ramp - I think this was all that was left of the 21 stands that started the attack from the north-east on turn one. 

Across the ramp are 4 tigers moving foward. They and the infantry had just cleared the second building from the right on the far side of the table and were moving towards the last pockets of the British defence.        

We finished at this point. A very narrow win for the British for holding on till this point, but win or lose it was a great game, played in a great spirit.  And much kudos to Nick who was playing only his second game of Flames of War and thanks to Russ for all the hard work to set this up.  

Finally, there were some scenario specific rules used here. Morale for the British, Germans calling in artillery and making it easier for troops to move and enter an empty building.      

This will definately be played again.  Probably next September for sure and hopefully before then, when other players will maybe get the chance to play. 

Saturday, 18 October 2014

6mm Normans

Just a small update of what's on the some of the painting trays.  I'm progressing with the 6mm Normans for a friend at the club.  This is the companion army to the Saxons I did a while ago. 

This is a wide shot of some of the cavalry.  My approach here is to use bright colours so they stand out when viewed across the table.  I put a bit of work into the horses with fetlocks, tails, manes and such, just because I want them to look like more than brown blobs.  

A shot of the infantry. Some shields were undercoated white so a top colour would stand out a bit more.  Just behind them are some light cavalry and behind that some Saxon axemen.    

A close up of some other cavalry. Some work still to be done, but I'm happy with the horses.  

Wider shots of more cavalry.  

As with the Saxons, my task is just to paint the figures. My friend will finish off the basing.