Wednesday, 29 April 2015

experiments with washes and inks

So here I am testing some washes and inks.  I got a batch of stuff from different places on t'internet.  Vallejo washes and Army Painter inks I got as new, then I was able to win some Citadel stuff on t'interbay which luckily included both washes and inks. 

And so I grabbed what undercoated figures I had to hand and set to work.  The figures are all Essex 15mm and were undercoated white; good old Halfords matt white car spray has been my standard for years.  I've put little captions in the pictures to show what's where.   

First on some Napoleonic figures. 
The effect was good in all cases, though I have a slight preference for Army Painter Strong Tone. I've not much to say on the blacks, but all the browns have possibilities for me.  

Then the Army Painter colours.  Amusingly, the colours were slapped over Napoleonic Austrian figures; chaps usually in white.  I can't see much use for the purple at the moment, but the others could be used on uniforms.  Indeed, I reckon I could use the blue just as it is for ACW union uniforms.  

Now a repeat exercise on medieval pikemen.  Just to see the colours side by side.  

Now the Citadel stuff.  A friend told me that Devlan Mud is no longer available, which seems a pity since it's a nice effect.   

And now to put them side by side.  I saw a video on the youtube where a chap compared Devlan Mud with Vallejo Umber.  There wasn't much difference to him, and he's right. So if Devlan Mud is no longer available, then Vallejo seems to fit the bill.  (If it doesn't seem right here, it's because of my photo.)  And I'd cast a vote for AP Strong Tone as another good substitute.  

And now a side-by-side comparison of AP and Citadel colours.  Not much to add here, except the Citadel stuff seemed a bit darker (or richer), though I prefer the AP green and blue.     

And, finally, I thought I try the Citadel inks straight from the pot.  Ooh, err, the green is a bit bright and the black seemed so much like an undercoat that I grabbed another brush and slapped some water on the far right figure.  Maybe too much water, but, well, that's what experiments are about.  I don't know if I'll use these inks; perhaps the brown on some horses, but I don't yet see a use for the others.  

So, there we go. So far the AP Strong Tone is a favourite, followed by Devlan Mud, then Soft Tone and Sepia and Vallejo Umber.  If Devlan Mud is no longer available, then I'd better make best use of the two pots I've got and mostly go with the others that are readily available. 

And I may still make my own washes. 

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