Sunday, 1 March 2015

progress on the great northern war

Work on the Great Northern War figures stalled a bit, but here is where I am.  Most figures are finished and I've just got to add flags and finish the basing for the infantry.  

I almost went back to the start when painting these.  I found when viewed from a distance, there wasn't a lot of differentiation between the yellow of the Russian uniforms and the buff belts, and with the red breeches and stockings.  It was similar for the Swedes with yellow facings and stockings and buff waistcoat and breeches.  So I did a bit of black lining - or very dark brown lining to put an accent on the borders.  Not too bad.  I'll probably continue with this for these armies to keep them consistent.    

And the Swedes. The chaps in red facings and stockings will be the Jonkopings regiment because they have a nice colourful flag.  

And the nearly finished first two of the Russian cavalry units.  Just got the flags to add.  Cavalry are 8 figures units, mounted 4 on 60mm front x 40mm bases.   

I'll get some better pictures when I get more units finished.  

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  1. Coming along very nicely there Tom.They will be an impressive force when finished.