Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Last Thursday at the club

I missed a couple of Thursdays, but last week 6 of us were back to the ADG ancient rules.  This time, three separate games were in action; Medieval Germans vs Knights of St John, Umayaad Arabs vs Romans of some flavour, and Burgundians vs my Medieval French.  All players had very good games.  

I didn't take photos on the night, but here is what my French looked like.  First, the whole lot.  200 points worth.  We didn't bother double basing the infantry and it looked OK.  (And please just ignore the 2 flank generals with Wars of Roses flags - in the right lighting they can look French from a distance.)     

The left flank command of 4 knights and a couple of Genoese crossbows, plus the general at the back.  

The centre command of 6 knights and a couple of scruffy horde, plus the CiC at the back.  

The right command of 2 mounted serjeants and 6 mediocre French crossbows, plus the general at the back.  

And the game - well, I'll blame the dice gods for my misfortune.  The crossbows were outshot by Burgundian longbow, my serjeants could not ride down other bow, my knights failed against cavalry and mediocre spears.  And, OK, it wasn't a smart idea to charge pike frontally, but when everything seems to go wrong, it just seemed something to try.  

The only thing I'll change is to do some single figure general stands for my armies so that the generals are more easily distinguished from other troops.  Also, another little work in progress is to remove all the green highlighted basetex and replace it with flock.        

And finally, just for a laugh, this was what was left in this medieval box - more French plus some Wars of Roses.  ADG doesn't need so many figures.      

This Thursday is Dystopian Wars again. Four of us with 750 points each playing a two-a-side game.  

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