Sunday, 1 March 2015

more messing about with basing for SYW

I missed the club for the last couple of weeks, but was able to mess about with some basing for the SYW figures.  I also saw what Tamsin (Wargaming Girl) did with 15mm Essex Russians over the past couple of months and that was an inspiration.  

So it's about time I put on a tricorne again and got the Austrians, Prussians, French and British sorted.  The French last saw action many years ago in an Age of Reason campaign but the others have remained in boxes.  Basing is intended to be used with the Maurice rules, though I might also experiment with the new DBA 3 variant on the Fanaticus site.    

Here is where I started. 12 infantry figures in a battalion, on 4 stands of 30mm front.   

 Cavalry figures in 8 figure regiments on 4 stands of 30mm front.  

Here is the stuff with the sand on the bases. Chaps at the front are the grenzer, and the other picture is chasseurs. 

But then comes the first of the brain melts and I try 12 infantry on 4 x 40mm bases. I start to like the idea of a longer thin line. (At the back are the command artillery stands on a 30mm frontage).   

And then the idea extends to go to 2 ranks of infantry and I get the idea I could use the mounted officers.  So now I have an infantry battalion on 4 x 40 x 30mm bases. The mounted officer replaces 2 infantry.  Quite a nice mass effect.  At the back are French cuirassiers, partly rebased from Age of Reason on 40 x 30 bases, but the intention would be to base cavalry on 40mm square bases.     

I quite link this mass effect, and I reckon I have enough figures to do 8-10 infantry and 6 or so cavalry for each nation.  I may do some more basing experiments, but this may be the one to go for. 

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