Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Some Great Northern War stuff at last

I finally got some of my Great Northern War stuff based and finished.  Here's what they look like now with 16 figure infantry units and 8 figure mounted units.  

First up are the Russians; the Ingermanland regiment in yellow and the Belograd in green. 

A couple of dragoon regiments. I can't remember the regiments, but I think the yellow uniforms are the Archangel regiment.  

And the Swedish.  It's infantry only at this stage, but not too bad overall.  I think the first unit is the Skaraborg, the red facings are the Jonkoping with that colourful flag, and the third unit is the Uppland regiment.   

And some group shots.  

More to come. There's only about another dozen Russian infantry, 7 Swedish infantry, 10 Russian cavalry and 9 Swedish cavalry to go, along with generals and artillery.   

Here's some of the work in progress. Artillery and Swedish infantry.   




  1. Great looking units Tom and the promise of more to come...

  2. top notch painting on great looking units and figures. Great job!