Saturday, 12 March 2016

Workbench stuff

Here is a quick update on the workbench as I finished off the Swedish cavalry for the Great Northern War. 

The horses mostly done, with two finished regiments of troopers at the back.   

The rest of the cavalrymen, essentially finished at this stage - unless I spot something I've missed.    

The bases started with the wash coat of khaki.  I think a couple have had the first drybrush of sand, but I don't think it shows that well on my photo. 
And a side project, here's the Malifaux Pandora crew.  I've not had the chance to play Malifaux but I like some of their figures and they're nice to paint.  I bought these as part painted - the ghost-type figures were painted purple - so I'm going to lighten the top half of those figures.  I've started painting the Pandora figure, but still not sure about the colours to paint her dress and cloak. I'm favouring green, but was considering a blue / green combination. I'll post pictures of the finished crew at a later date. 
In the background of the photo are the Swedish command group for the Jonkopings regiment. I broke a standard and had to do a repair job.  I'm now thinking I should have replaced all the cast flagpoles with wire.

Next up will be the Great Northern War stuff in action.  
And at the club I've played another early Squad Leader scenario and my semi-final in our club ADG competition. 

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