Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Games at the club

Another post without pictures, but here's a note of what I've played recently. 

Squad Leader.
I played a couple of Squad Leader games - original Squad Leader, not ASL.  Both were early war scenarios, Dutch vs Germans in one and Poles vs Germans in the other. Both fun games, and both lost by myself. 

Wings of Glory.
We had a multi-player game with 3 of us with fighters taking on a Zeppelin Stakken bomber which was absolutely huge.  It's wingspan must have been 12 - 15 inches compared with the 3 inches or so of most planes.  The bomber failed is mission but we lost 2 fighters to the defensive fire.

We had another game with some late arrivals. This was a 3-a-side bash with everyone using one fighter. 

All in all, great games. 

First there was the semi-finals of our club competition where my Wars of Roses managed to beat some Arabs.  It was a good game against an old and valued opponent and I managed to roll good dice for my longbow for most of the evening. 

Then there was the final which I lost.  I should have prepared better for the final as I was playing against the Isles and Highlands army of a well experienced competition gamer. 

I was duped by an ambush marker behind a hill, which became 2 ambush markers in the course of the game, and which I let go.  Then my left flank Northern bow were attacked by some swordsmen who had 'impact', a feature of the game which allows them a plus in the first round of combat.  However, after the game, an observer at the side of the table pointed out  that these chaps did not have 'impact' as the impact chaps were in the centre.  

At the end, I had caused 17 casualties out of 21 on my opponent, but had lost 21 of 21 myself.  The end was closer than I thought. 

Overall it was a very good competition and we'll run another tourney in the autumn.

Next week is Blucher, a game by Sam Mustafa. I've the rules and cards, but for this game we'll be using another chap's stuff.  

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