Monday, 28 March 2016

on the workbench - some base refreshing

Here's some of what I've been working on. 

For a long time I used flock on my bases.  Then sometime in the 1990's there was Basetex, a kind of sand and paint mix which could be painted to look like grass and bushes.  So I did my Wars of Roses and French and some ACW with green Basetex and highlighted it with a paler green and yellow. Then I went off basetex and returned to flock, and one of my bubbling-under projects was to re-do the basetex with flock on all the bases. 

At first I thought about removing the figures and doing a complete rebasing.  But there were a lot of figures so I decided to see if I could remove the basetext and leave the original basing of the filler and little stones.  I found that if I 'painted' water on the basetex it softened it and then some careful scraping and digging with a small screwdriver I could remove almost all the basetex. Then a quick paint touch-up of any residue and the bases were ready for flocking.  

Here's the story so far.  First some Wars of Roses with the Basetex. 

Then some cleared bases. 

The process underway.  At this stage the bases are overloaded with flock.  I give them all a shake in a few hours. 

Some knights and bows. 

 More knights, crossbows, skirmishers, spears and artillery.   

The baggage and peasant hordes.  

My next task will be to finish of all the French before I sell them, then I'll move on to renew the Wars of the Roses bases.  After that I might want to go back to painting before I return to tackle the ACW bases. 
More later 


  1. Beautiful looking Army - marvelous!

    1. Thanks, Phil.
      Also, if your interested, have a look at the blog of my friend, Ross - Roma912 per his comment below.

      Somewhere he has photos of his 28mm Impetus stuff.

  2. Great looking army. Will you have anything left to game with if you keep selling it all ��

    1. Thanks Ross,
      The sad thing is, I will still have stuff after some more clear-out. At this point in time, I think I have over 1000 medieval foot figures and 200 medieval mounted. I just need to trim this lot down.

      Also, if your interested, have a look at the blog of Phil per his comment above. It's the toy soldiers studio

      He has some really nice pictures of his 15mm Impetus stuff.