Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Malifaux stuff - before it disappears

Here is my finished paint job on the Malifaux stuff I've put on t'bay.  Just because it's done.

Malifaux is a skirmish game which combines gothic horror, steam-punk, wild west and samurai and other themes.  It has a nice game system which uses a deck of cards rather than dice.  The figures are nice, but I've never got to grips with some crews, even though some of them are nice models to paint.

The Pandora crew with the Poltergeist, 3 Sorrows, Candy and Baby Kade.


Plus some pictures of other stuff.  Most of this I bought painted and just tidied up the paint job and did the basing.  These are my surplus crews as I still have other Rasputina and Lady Justice crews to paint. 

First Rasputina with ice golems and gamin.  The figures on the left are the original metal crew and the figures on the left are the more recent plastic figures.  The big plastic ice-golem was a major conversion job by their previous owner. 


Then Lady Justice.  With her are the Judge and 3 Death Marshals.  Again, all I did here was touch up the painting and do the basing.  


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