Tuesday, 27 October 2015

What's been played at the club

I realised I haven't posted on the club games for a while, so this is a quick catch up.  I may have forgotten a couple of games.  

I played a game of Maurice with 15mm figures, then ADG with 15mm Seleucids. Then I missed a couple of weeks.  Both games were good from what I recall, and I do remember that in Maurice, we ended the evening in a draw as both sides morale had dropped to the same point.

There was another general ADG night at the club, but I played Ancients Command and Colors with a friend's Hexon terrain and 10mm Roman and Carthaginian figures. Another good game and I actually don't think we've ever had a bad game on CnC.

We had a Dystopian Wars bash on another night.  This was a struggle, as the chap who'd played Dystopian the most could not show up, and the remaining 3 of us struggled with the rules, and trying to figure out what to do and which dice to use.  For us it revealed how hard it was to find stuff quickly in the Dystopian rulebook, and how much we relied on the experienced player. 
It also made me realise some of what I'd read online, that the Dystopian rules are very badly written and the game plays very slowly.  I'll play again because I like the Dystopian idea, but in future I plan just to get stuck in from the start, because we'll probably only get 2 or 3 turns played in the night. 

Another Dystopian game, this time with 4 of us with 600 points each.  A better game as the experienced player was there, but again, I think we only got through 3 or 4 turns. 

Another night we played the new edition of Napoleon's Battles. I like the system and have had the original rules since they come out.  We used my original 15mm figures. This was a good game, and served to introduce some other chaps to the rules. 

Then 4 of us played Flames of War, with 1500 points of early war. Another good game, fast moving and seeing the use of mighty 20mm and 37mm guns. 

We played Sails of Glory, then Wings of Glory the following week.

Then another Dystopian Wars game, and this time with 2 fleets of 1000 points, my FSA versus the Prussians, and 4 of us playing. And this time, I just got stuck in from the start.  We only managed 3 turns in the night, but it was fun.

Then there was the Blood Rage game last week. Great fun. 

And this week should be ADG, though I realise I've been neglecting Maurice, so I'll have to see if anyone's up for playing this again soon.

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