Sunday, 4 October 2015

More 15mm ancients - the remaining Seleucids

This is really for a friend, to show my remaining painted Seleucids. It's mainly the oddball and unusual stuff like the camels, militia and some cataphracts. First a picture of everything. 

Then a closer picture of the Asiatic types, militia light horse, skirmisher bows and militia bows.

Then the medium camels and a stand of Bactrian cavalry I used as a command stand.   

The lancers, 2 stands of line cavalry and 2 of companion types.  

And some cataphracts I found in another box. Another attempt to use as many variations of bronze and gold as I could.  


Skirmishers with bows and slings. 

 Irregular auxilia 

Two groups of skirmishers with javelins. One in faded black and the other with faded red uniforms.    

The regular auxilia, with every variation of red I could find.  
And of course, like most other gamers, I still have more unpainted figures in boxes. There are more Seleucids and Successors and Macedonians and Persians and, and .... 


  1. If these are for sale contact me please!
    I'm running out of money but want to round off my army.
    Best wishes,

  2. lovely brush work and looking army you have here Tom!

    1. Cheers, Phil,
      I always appreciate your comments, specially as you do such good work yourself. I must leave a comment some of you posts.

  3. Splendid little chaps which have been painted and based so well Tom!

  4. Thanks for comments, gentlemen. These are the last of my painted Seleucids. Over the years I built up a massive Seleucid army / armies. At one time or another I would try an army with maximum cataphracts, then maximum pike, or as here, maximum Asiatic militia and camels and all the whacky stuff. I wasn't always successful in games, but it was a whole lot of fun to field an army with such variations of troop types.

    And at some point in the future, I'll get on with painting my remaining Successor forces - like all of us, I still have unpainted figures in boxes.