Monday, 2 November 2015

15mm Arabs

These are pictures of my Arabs.  This was another army that started fairly small and then just growed.

So to start with the generals and their escort.
Then some khurusanian horse archers.  
Some ex-Persian extra heavy cavalry 
The medium cavalry 
The Khurusanian heavy cavalry 

Chappies with swords 
Arab light cavalry 
Ghulam heavy cavalry 
Arab horse archers 
And the spear. All my figures are Essex except for some Irregular mixed into the spear units.  They blend well and give a good show.  
And the second spear unit.  
Some lighter javelin armed chaps.  
The baggage. This came out quite well.  It can also be lined up, 1 element wide as a caravan.  
Slingers.  I once thought of these chaps as waving their socks is some ancient folk-dance.
Skirmish javelins
Arab archers 
The slave ghulam archers 

Skirmish archers. These were also used as back rank support to spears.  

The first units of Daylami.  These have bow support.  

The slave ghulam with front rank spear and rear rank bow.

The second slave ghulam spear and bow unit.  

The other Arab spear unit unit with a rear rank of Irregular miniatures bow.  

The second units of Daylami.  These have cross-bow support. 

More skirmish javelin.  

And more skirmish bow, though these were also used as rear rank backup to the spears. 
And that's it, I think.  


  1. Impressive, most impressive.

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Very nice indeed
    Had a wee chuckle at the sock waving folk dancers and the classic description 'chappies with swords'.