Monday, 12 October 2015

On the bench

Some pics on ongoing work on 28mm Seleucids.  At the moment I have no intention of keeping them and this is just me attempting to finish the painting of the entire army.  

Some light cavalry and the scythed chariot in the background.  I'm still mulling over the colours for the light cavalry. The Tarantines could well remain as light tunics while the Seleucid militia more colourful.    

Some Seleucid line cavalry with irregular auxilia in the background.  I liked the red and blue combination for the Thracians but I'm still not too sure if the red shields were a good idea. 

A wider shot to include the general. 

And the remaining tray with the nearly finished camels, elephants and some cataphract horses. I decided to do the cataphracts as three horses to the base instead of the usual four horses per WRG. I used different yellows as undercoats for the metal and several different golds and bronzes just to try to get each one looking a bit different. 

More later. 

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