Saturday, 24 March 2018

the mighty spraying

Here's some progress on Saxons, Vikings and Napoleonic plastics. 

The Saxons and Vikings are mounted on 25mm round plastic bases. They were given a bit of filler to disguise the cast-on base.  

Then the sand covering.  The Napoleonic figures were based on 20mm round bases for the line and 25mm round bases for the voltigeur skirmishers. 

Then I was waiting for a reasonably dry and warm day to get the spraying done. Not often we get those days in Scotland, but there was one, though it was more chilly than warm. Still, it was close enough and I got them undercoated. Maybe not much to look at, but it's an achievement. 


The Napoleonics will be painted as Italians, or some German states; chaps with white uniforms, so with a basic undercoat they are nearly done.   

And the great laugh is - all these figures now go back in boxes till I can get around to painting them. The Napoleonic figures might get done soon, but it may be a while before I can get round to doing the others. 

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