Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Games at the club

Here are some snapshots of recent games I played at the club.  

The boardgame No Retreat: the Russian Front, Longstreet with 15mm ACW and the ancients rules, To the Strongest in 15mm and Flames of War in 15mm. 

First, No Retreat. This is part of end of turn snapshots for when we next pick up the campaign.  This is the situation in September and October 1942 and the Axis have pushed well to the east.  This game is just superb. It's card supported and has less than 20 units on each side.  

The Axis have taken Stalingrad and are threatening the oilfields.  But winter is coming ( as they say ). 

These are two longshots from our Flames of War game. Late war Germans vs British. This was our second run-through with the version 4 rules and the unit cards. Just a lot of long range firing in this game.  It was OK, but with some many other games to play, this may not get played again for a while.  

This is a picture on my Longstreet game, pictures from my opponents side of the table. He's just launched a big charge by the chaps in blue.  The dice are the combat scores, pictures just before we resolved the situation. As you may see, I was resoundingly defeated overall, and my one victory did not compensate for losing three units, my army morale and the battle, all in that one turn. But a great game.

A long snapshot of two chaps playing Bolt Action. Americans vs Russians.  Sadly, I didn't have time to watch this game as I was engrossed in No Retreat that night.  

And finally, To the Strongest. Now, while our first game of TTS was good, this game saw very few casualties and a couple of anomalies with fighting in woods, so the initial favourable impression of TTS has dimmed a bit. Two of the chaps at the club were not impressed at all, so sadly TTS at the club may fade away. But here's a couple of pictures.

The armies were Polybian Roman vs Seleucid. Here the Roman right centre clashes with elephants and some phalanx.  

And the Roman left centre clashes the rest of the Seleucid centre.  The action is taking place on a mat that one of the chaps bought. The squares are 100mm.  

More later.

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