Tuesday, 20 February 2018

progress with plastics

I seem to have done little since the start of the year besides building plastic figures.  I have played a few games at the club, but painting seems to have slowed while I stick bits of plastic together.  It's not terribly exciting, but here's some progress.

With the dark ages chaps, I decided to go for 25mm round bases. And after further debate I decided to get Renedra plastic bases.  The scoring on the plastic is me providing a key for the filler which help to disguise the moulded base with the figure.  The four figures at the right have been done. 

A whole batch more.  

And some Victrix Napoleonics. There are some nice poses in the French infantry box.  But I'll be painting these as Italians, with white uniforms and red or green facings.  The standard line infantry and grenadier chaps are on 20mm round bases, the voltigeurs are on 25mm round bases. 

A box of Saxons ready for the next stage. 

And the next stages. The bases were 'painted' with a watered-down pva glue and then dunked in a tub of sand.  I cut strips of corrugated cardboard and stuck on strips of double sided sticky tape. The bases were then pressed on to the tape. The idea here is to provide a decent grip of the plastic figures while I spray undercoat them later.      

Shields, shields, shields and backpacks.  

A box of Vikings ready for a spray session.  

And a box of Napoleonics ready for a spray session. 

So, roll on the end of the week and hopefully with a decent dry day, I'll get this lot undercoated.  

I still have the plastic Normans and dark ages warriors to assemble, but for the moment I'm going to have a rest from sticking bits of plastic together. I want to get back to some painting before I forget what the brushes are for. 

I'll do a separate post with pictures of some club games. 

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