Monday, 8 January 2018

Here we go in 2018 - plastics, plastics and more plastics

So the first gaming stuff of the year is underway.  Inspired by our recent Lion Rampant variant game with dark ages figures, I got a batch of Saxons and Vikings.  

Here's some of stuff so far.  The big debate I'm having is on basing and if 20mm or 25mm is best.  Initially I was thinking 20mm might do, but I've increasing come round to wanting more space around the figures.  

I also realised that by putting the figures on the sabot bases intended for 20mm bases, I was getting a different impression of the figures as a group because the sabot base works out as the equivalent of 25mm bases side by side. 

The base size debate will continue as I continue to build the figures, but I'm thinking 25mm may be best.  

And here's the other stuff waiting in the wings. Vikings and dark age warriors.  

More later.


  1. That's a lot of Dark Age Plastics. Confused historians will be in the future...

    I'd go 20mm but that's just me although you can get sabots for 25mm too. The reason for 20mm is that when sabot based there will be more on the base and a denser formation formed. A bit more historical and all that - from the man painting undead skeletons in 15mm at present :)

    Cheers, Ross

  2. I went 20mm myself as they do a close order sabot, and when ranked up look as good as individual square bases ranked up. Handy for impetus etc.
    Characters get 25mm to keep them noticeable.