Monday, 31 July 2017

Longstreet Campaign

Recently I bought the new Fire and Fury brigade rules for the American civil war. This was the 2nd edition of a great set of rules that brought in some ideas from the regimental set.

However, while I was skimming through them, I realised that it was probably 3 years since I last played an ACW game, and that was Longstreet. Somehow ACW games dropped away in recent times; just too many games to play.

So after some thought I spoke to chaps at the club and two of us decided to start a Longstreet campaign. A couple of weeks ago we played our 1861 game.  We are hoping that as we go along, more chaps at the club will join in. 

If you don't know, Longstreet is a card driven miniatures game and great fun. Very similar in feel to Maurice, another Sam Mustafa game and one of our favourites. 

The great thing about the Longstreet campaign is that players don't  play on a map to win territory; they play for personal prestige in the form of Epic points. You get points for taking part in a battle, and leading grand charges or defending against great attacks. The objective is really to get your commanders name in the papers and history books. 

There are 9 games in the campaign, arranged by years. So one game in 1861 and two in 1862 when the Confederates have a slight advantage in cards. Then three games in 1863 when neither side has an advantage, and on to two games in 1864 and one in 1865 when the Union has a slight advantage.  And because my friend is a naval fan, we will likely substitute one game for a naval bash. 

In keeping with the spirit of the game, and as we are in central Scotland, I have command of the Army of Southern Fife.  Going into 1862 it is made up of the 1st Dunfermline, 2nd Kelty, 3rd Cupar volunteers and 4th Leven infantry, the South Fife Legion cavalry and batteries A and B of the Fife artillery.

My opponent commands the Union Army of the Tay, made up of the Perthshire volunteers, the Dunning and Luncarty infantry, the Blairgowrie Raiders cavalry and Stanley's artillery.  I can't remember now which units my opponent recruited for 1862.

This week we are planning to play our first 1862 game. I'll try to remember to take photos. 

More later ...


  1. Very interested in Longstreet and having a game in the ACW period at some point.

    Very true about too many games and not enough time...

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Sounds like an interesting campaign system, who wants land when you can be famous. A bit like today's celebrities.
    Keep us informed of the struggle please.