Saturday, 12 August 2017

Longstreet campaign - the walled farm scenario, spring 1862

Here are some photos from our first 1862 game. It's my fault the picture quality is not the best, but I hope they give a reasonable impression of our game.

We rolled for the scenario and got the walled farm and rolled again and I was attacker. My objective was to take the building at the rear of the farm and score lots of Epic Points. My opponent was slightly hampered by having to put one of his units off-table in reserve till turn 6.  

Here's an overview after the first couple of turns. I've decided to throw my attack on my right and outflank the walls.  My opponent had his artillery behind the wall in the middle but began to withdraw it when I moved right. I messed up the placement of my own artillery as I should have left myself with a clearer field of fire.  

Here's the other flank. I had two artillery bases, but a good shot by the union guns destroyed one of my guns (I'd say they were just lucky !) . The black smoke marker in front of the union battery shows they have fired.  My intention on this flank was just to keep the union occupied. In the centre, moving through the woods are my (semi-painted) dismounted cavalry. They are here because opposite them is the union cavalry behind the wheatfield. 

A closer view of my attackers. Note the number of confederate bases at this point. Still the strength with which they started the scenario. 

A couple of things to note here. There's a big patch of rough marshy ground appeared in front of my advance. That's because my opponent played a very good 'Poor Surveying' card as an interrupt in my movement phase. Because this is rough terrain, I needed to play 2 move cards to be able to move through it. Luckily I'd had done that to make sure my dismounted cavalry kept moving through the woods in the centre.

In Longstreet, like Maurice, a player can play an interrupt card in his opponent's turn and this can often mess up a deployment or move or a combat. 

Also here is the view after my opponents turn where I managed to play a 'Confusion' interrupt card and his defenders behind the wall advanced out into the open. They became a nice target for my next turn.

A couple of turns later and I've defeated the advanced union unit, though I have taken some casualties to do so. I also managed to play the 'Old Rivals' interrupt card on my opponent which stopped his reserve unit advancing. Essentially this card means two officers in  my opponents army start arguing over a girl and don't order their unit to do anything till they resolve their differences. 

Some views of the centre and right. In the centre my dismounted cavalry press ahead through the wheatfield. On the right it continues to be handbags at 100 paces though I have tentatively started to advance. The sad thing here is that both of us have veteran units with a hero on this flank. They were to remain unused throughout the game.

The confederates press on. Note the Cupar Volunteers in the centre are now down to 3 bases, the Dunfermline infantry on the right are 4 bases and the Leven infantry on the left are 5 bases. It was just after that point I took the objective, my opponent's morale crumbled and the union gave way. A victory for the Army of Southern Fife, but at a cost.

To finish up the campaign game, we then go through the post-battle process. This is when we might get promoted, get Epic Points, get replacements, possibly recruit new units and maybe even loose some bases to 'camp fever' or disease. I was lucky enough to launch a few grand charges in the game so got a few Epic Points for that, along with some for winning the battle and the objective.

Roll on the next battle. Luckily two more chaps at the club liked what we've started and want to join in. A third chap may also join in, so we could have a few players for the rest of the campaign. 

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  1. Thanks for posting your AAR looks good!
    You mentioned others are interested in your campaign so do you intend to rotate different players representing the one Union and one Rebel leader or will everyone tally their own EPS for the games they play?