Monday, 31 July 2017

On the bench

I sort of lost the painting impetus recently, while at the same time trying to finish off my medieval Hungarians.  They were another army that's been in a box for ages. 

Here's some pictures. Only the light horse to go now, but it's been slow.  First the war wagons.

Pretty much finished other than some final touches and addinf flock to the bases.

Then the knights.

The foot chappies. The knights and these too, need flock added but I'll have a major flocking session after I finish the light horse.

And the light horse.  First the raw stuff, just started.

And then where I am tonight with them.

And another shot of the inside of the box.

I'm not sure about the final destiny of these chaps. I've only used them twice in all the years I've had them, so they may be sold.  I'll decide when they are all finished. 

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