Sunday, 19 March 2017

first airbrush attempt at camouflage

Here is my first attempt to do the German late war camouflage with the airbrush for my Bolt Action tanks. I've just tackled the Panzer 4 for the moment.

The tanks were sprayed with Army Painter Desert Yellow then dry brushed with a bone colour. This provided a good base for starting the green camouflage. At this point I'm still intending to add the brown, though I do like the green on the yellow on it's own. At a later date, I'll be applying a wash to the tank to accent the detail and help blend the colours.

And some pictures with the skirts put on dry. I'll finish the painting before I glue these in place. 

And the rest of the vehicles. I'm still debating if I'll do long stripes like the panzer 4, or do broader stripes, shorter stripes or patches.

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