Wednesday, 5 April 2017

from lead mountain to plastic hillock

It has long been a standing joke that all gamers have a lead mountain; a stash of unpainted metal figures that may or may not get painted. 

I've been trying to reduce my own lead mountain, both painted and unpainted, but in the past few months a growing plastic hillock has been appearing.

At first I suppose there was Malifaux a couple of years ago, where I have both metal and plastic figures, but the big push really began last August with a game of Lion Rampant.  This saw the purchase of these Wars of Roses chappies.

Then towards the end of last year there was Bolt Action. 

And finally, (Cyril), in the last few weeks there was Pikeman's Lament which led to this.

I have to laugh. My Wars or Roses are not yet fully painted and I've added more to the growing pile of plastic. And not pictured are boxes of Perry AWI infantry, British Light Dragoons and Warlord artillery that were (are) intended for an old-school imagi-nations game.  And I'm tempted by the Warlord WSS figures, and the Carronade show is approaching. 

So much for having a clear-out.  Still it's fun.

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  1. Will be joining you in the clear out soon. Need to rationalise the lead pile and thankfully I haven't really started a plastic one :)

    Cheers, Ross