Sunday, 5 March 2017

Some British for Bolt Action

Some of the British got finished. These are my test figures to try our colour combinations before I move on to the rest of the British force. 

First the crew for the vehicles.  There was one for the Stuart and I did 4 for the Sherman and Firefly just to see how they turned out.  I wanted to do two figures in grey berets for the Scots Greys. I don't know if the grey berets were used in WW2 or if it's more recent, but I reckoned it was a nice touch.

And the chap in the Stuart.

The first option for the Firefly. The grey beret isn't too obvious because of the goggles.

The second option.  I might not actually glue the figures in place, but attach them with blu-tak as the mood takes me. 

And the metal infantry with the bases finished.  The transfers on the sleeves were a bit of a nuisance to put on, and I'm not sure if they add much.  I'll debate what to do about transfers on the other infantry.


  1. Great figures.I like the blue tack option too.

  2. Very nice indeed and tempting as well.

    Blue tack is the best option.

    Cheers, Ross

  3. Thanks, gents.

    The Perth chaps are about to start a mini campaign of Bolt Action. A lot of it is based on random troop selections from a series of tables. Search for Road to Victory Bolt Action. There's a pdf you can download.