Saturday, 15 October 2016

update on stuff for Lion Rampant

Here's just a little update. Mostly this is just me finally settling on colour schemes and the like.

First up are the horses and armour choices. Picture 1 has the horse at the back left in Italian armour and the other two in German.  At this point I changed my mind on the Italian. 

So I replaced the Italian armour with German.  And now I'm thinking German will do.  I've also decided that only 3 horses will be armoured. I was going to do 6, but I reckon now I want to see more of the horse.  

Here are the test examples for the bows.  Livery of blue / yellow and white / blue for one unit. I'll make a start on actually painting them soon.  

And for the second unit, blue/ red and red/ white. They should make a decent show on the table.

The armoured chappies. I regard the armour as pretty much done. Just the boots and belts and other colourful stuff to do.  

The standard bearers. I wasn't too sure about a colour for the jacks on the two chaps on the outside. Eventually I decided just to go with basic metal plates.  Colour on the figures will come from boots and belts and eventually from the flags. 

This Thursday at the Perth club will see us kick off our Lion Rampant campaign. As always it will be interesting to see if there will be a slow start to grab territory or if players will just get 'stuck-in' for the games and the potential glory.


  1. Looking good Tom. I agree with you on the number of armoured horses; too many in full batding looks artificial.

    Hope the campaign goes well - what are you using aa a basis for it?

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Thanks Ross. For the campaign I'm using a home brewed variant of a seven years war campaign which was very good when we played a few years back. We're playing on the Britannia boardgame map. If you wanted to see the rules I could post them on to you. 2 pages is all there is.