Saturday, 29 October 2016

And more on Warlord Games Bolt Action as sanctimonious gits

Apologies to regular viewers - this is a bit of a rant.

As part of my Bolt Action purchases I got a British machine gun and crew.  I couldn't quite see from online pictures how it all went together.

Luckily in the box there was card which said go to their webpage for instructions.

However when I tried to go there I got the message.

"This is somewhat embarrassing isn't it. .... Either it as been moved or you typed a wrong address." 

And I thought is this a message for me as if I've made a mistake, or about them not having the advertised page available. But if it was them, then I'd expect an apology for it not being available and a redirect. Then I thought, what a bunch of arrogant smug sanctimonious gits. You provide a guide to a page then insult people who follow that guide.

At the moment I'm not sure whether to buy anything else for Bolt Action, or from Warlord Games. Maybe I'm just being too reactionary, but stuff them; I'm a customer and I expect an advertised service. Bah humbug!

Rant mode off. 

Normal service will be resumed soon. 


  1. No I find them as you say sanctimonious. I do not like their stuff anyway and not a big fan of Bolt Action.

  2. Not impressed at all by them doing this.

  3. Personally I have only bought their product second hand, so usually built and undercoated.
    Poor show that the link doesn't work, they need to have a look at battlefront, may be overpriced and out of scale but the website does help in the build.

  4. Had a very different experience with Warlord Games. Purchased at a show a SS boxed set which was missing a medic figure. Contacted the seller and not interested in resolving the problem. Contacted Warlord and happy to help. Too the point that they sent me a full box set with medic figure and all the other 20 figures too.

    That said I do think that they need to remove the wording about you getting the wrong address. Most people who use the net now understand the need for the correct data in the address or you don't get what you want.

    Cheers, Ross