Saturday, 29 October 2016

And just when I thought it was safe ... (again) ... Bolt Action

Some chaps at the club have been getting into Bolt Action and we played a game a couple of weeks back.  It was a good game a good to see 28mm figures on the table. 

And so with the voices calling and the waves dragging me down into another project, I went on ebay and bought some British stuff.  The plastics will take a while to assemble and paint, but I was lucky enough to get 8 metal figures, so I thought I'd base them and do them as a paint test exercise.

Here's what I got (so far...)

Here are the metal figures based and undercoated white. I don't know the manufacturer but they are nice sculpts.
And here they are after being sprayed with Vallejo air golden brown.  I reckoned this was a reasonable starting point.

Then I applied a different wash to each figure just to see the effect for shading. Black was just a little too dark and the Army Painter stuff a bit too light. About right was Devlon Mud / Agrax or the Vallejo Umber so I reckon these will be used on the rest of the models. 

And a last pic for now with better lighting showing a start on highlighting and painting the faces and packs and all that. Turning out not too bad so far.

And just to show another project slightly delayed by all these new things. I hope to finish these Napoleonic Brits in the next week or so. 

More pics later.

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