Sunday, 5 June 2016

Next painting project is Napoleon at War Brits

I was debating what to paint next and I saw several boxes of 18mm Napoleon at War British still on the shelf after a couple of years. Then next time at the Perth club I mentioned it to a friend who suggested I paint his British instead of my own. I agreed and a couple of weeks or so later I made a start. 

As is normal for me, I based all the figures and spray undercoated them white.

I had the idea that I would use my airbrush to do the tunics. Then in another moment of slight stupidity I reckoned I would apply a black wash in the same way. Initially, the result wasn't that great and I think I should have used a brush for the wash. 

Here's the example. The figures on the right have the airbrushed red and black wash. A bit dark for my taste, but once they were tidied up with a bit more red on the tunics and grey on the straps they looked better. The chaps on the left have been tidied up.

And a highland unit. 

The first 4 battalions. The front 2 the units are just undercoated and washed with black. I think this is a better way to do it, black wash first and then the red. 


I also decided to leave the horses as undercoated white. I can do a batter paint job on them over white.  

By the time I was looking at the heavy cavalry figures I had decided to do a thinned black wash by brush as I could get better control of the paint flow.  Here's the Scots Greys, some with the just the black and the others with red tunics.  Not a bad start. 

 And a bit more on the Greys and one heavy dragoon unit. It's starting to look reasonable.  

 I'll post more as I get the chance.  I'm planning to do 2 or 4 infantry units and a couple of cavalry units to start with. Then I'll assess how best to proceed with the rest.  There's a total on 10 infantry battalions, 5 cavalry units and 2 gun batteries as well as several generals.

More later. 

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