Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wings of Glory against the Stakken

A few weeks back we played Wings of Glory at the Club.  One of the chaps brought this Stakken beastie along, so our first game was a 3 to 1 attempt to stop it completing a bombing mission. 

Also, we don't get precious about who has what plane; it's just what is available or nice looking that gets used.  Here I'm using the Albatross that's trying to get on the tail of the Stakken.  

Two of us trying to close-in. Alas, one fighter has already suffered from the volume of fire from the beastie and is down.  

The triplane flies underneath the bomber while I'm still trying to tail it. 

Now looking better for the fighters, though the Stakken has dangerously wide arcs of fire. 

And victory. The triplane was brought down and my Albatross is just barely flying.  A great game. 

A couple of pictures of our second game of the evening. I can't remember now if we played three-a-side of if it was a free for all with everyone against everyone else and the last plane flying wins.  

And a picture of a plane we want to use in another game.  We'd really like to get some early war planes, with limited fire power and poor movement - it makes for a great game.  

And that's it for now. I hope to post more pictures from club members in the future.  


  1. lovely looking models and terrain... and interesting game to boot too!....


  2. Playing with these big WW1 bombers is awesome. And you are right about those arcs of fire. Deadly.

    1. Thanks for that. I saw the big British plane on your blog and it too looked a mighty beast. If only your Perth WA, and our Perth Scotland were a bit closer we could have some good games.