Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A little bit of progress on the Brits

I didn't get much painting done last week, so when I had some time on Sunday and the last couple of nights, I decided to press ahead with one unit instead of trying to do several at the same time.  The idea is just to see how it's looking and the best combination of colours.

Here, I've added facing colours and flesh.  

Now the white for the crossbelts and a basic brown for the muskets.  I've also added a fresh highlight of red to the outer sleeves and patches of the coat.  I'll maybe add some more of a brighter red later.   

A close up of some figures. Later I'll try to brighten the officers tunic to a scarlet.  

And a rear view.  

Next for these will be finishing off the hair and then a black-grey on the packs and cartridge pouches.  I think I'll do all these bits and then move on to the headgear last.  

More later.  


  1. Good progress Tom and I agree one unit at a time.

    Cheers, Ross

  2. looking great Tom, looking forward to see them in the flesh