Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Night of the Generals part 3 - Flames of the Generals

Here are some photos of the second Night of the Generals bash we had recently, this time with Flames of War. 

First up, my German pioneer force: 3 platoons of 4 combat stands, 2 artillery pieces, 2 anti-tank guns, and a recce platoon (one armoured car of which is only a radio car).   

Next, the Russians. The main strength was a platoon/company of 33 stands, pus a 4 gun battery and 6 T70's.    

And next, the platoon I ended up playing with: 2 tank platoons, all with short barrelled guns, 2 command tanks and a panzergrenadier platoon of 6 combat stands. 

Our fourth player had yet to arrive when these pictures were taken.

A view of the table setup.  My game army is at the top right, my own army is at the top left. Do note the amount of Russians. I'm standing off to the right, trying to figure out how I can defeat that amount of Russians.  One objective marker is in the town centre, the other is on top of the hill to its right. 

A closer view of the T70s. 

And a view of the early turns. I'm trying to knock out the T70s to then swing on the flank of the Russians. I didn't have much of a clue what plans everyone else had - if any.   

Another excellent game, with our side marginally losing. Or, at least I'll claim it was marginal. But definitely a game to play again as a Night of the Generals.   

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