Sunday, 17 January 2016

Great Northern War Russians finally done

I've finally got enough finished for a game of Maurice.  Here's what they look like.

First, the whole lot, then closer views of the left, centre and right. This would amount to 106 points of trained regulars in a normal game of Maurice, though I'd probably use less than this in a game so I could buy some army cards.  (Games of Maurice are usually 100 points on each side) 

Another view of the centre.  

The cavalry

A view from the Swedish side of the table.  
And a similar view of the Swedes painted so far, as seen from Russian side of the table. This represents 51 points of trained units in a game of Maurice. 

And closer views of the Swedes.  


  1. Looks good, very good.

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Nice - I look forward to seeing them in action and also seeing how you utilise Maurice for the GNW.

    1. Thanks. I'd welcome any thoughts you have on doing the GNW with Maurice.

      We've had a few GNW and WSS games with Maurice and in 6, 15 and 28mm. So far, we've gone with the suggestions on the Maurice forum. Swedes have pikes and use National Advantages of La Bayonette and Cavaliers. We've not yet tried Clerics with either side. Russians also have pikes.

      All have been very good games, though there is still a little niggling thought that we could represent the GaPa tactic in a better way. I made a suggestion on the Maurice forum for a National Advantage called GaPa (no-one had replied the last time I looked).

      The idea was that if the Swedes did not fire in the musketry phase, then they could fire at the start of their charge. The defender wouldn't be able to respond before contact in the charge phase, but could pre-empt and cancel the GaPa if he played the Firefight card in the musket phase. I reckoned it might cost 9AP and could only be used by the Swedes if they had suffered none or 1 hit (or maybe 1 or 2). But we've not tested this yet. Maybe next game.

      I'd welcome any thoughts you have.

  3. Thanks for all the comments, gents. Hopefully I'll get the Swedish cavalry done this month and then I'll be ready to offer a game with fully painted armies for both sides.