Monday, 4 January 2016

GNW stuff

Over the Christmas period I was able to push on a bit more with the GNW Russians. 

The first pictures are just after the topping and tailing of tricornes, boots and scabbards. The figures are effectively finished, except for a final check on any details I've overlooked or messed up.  I've still to do buttons and lace on the drummers.   

Now a couple of pictures of the generals.  I watched the Poltava scene from the Sovereign's Servant again (it's on youtube somewhere). Interestingly in the film, Peter and his staff wore sashes with a very pale blue uppermost, then red then white. I did the sashes on my general figures per internet examples and uniform guides I have, with white uppermost, then blue then red.  I'm going to stay with what I have as it seems to be more accurate. 

(And isn't it interesting how we sometimes get involved in little details of figures and painting, often forgetting that in a game, no one is likely to notice the detail from 3 or 4 feet away across a table).    

Now the assembled units.  The rear rank figures were removed from temporary bases and added to the front rank.  Then the base round the rear rank figures were given the now usual finish of pva glue and scattered sand which is then painted over with any old paint just to better seal the sand. They are now starting to look like units.   

A couple of views from the rear also showing the mounted generals.  

Next for these figures will be to paint the bases, though as friends have already commented, a 'winter' effect has a charm all of it's own.  
And finally the red dragoons on the horses and bases I finished many months ago. I've just to pick a suitable standard for these chaps.  

And after I finish the bases and add the flags I'll move on to the Swedish cavalry. I've already done the brown coats on the horses, but the picture I took was a bit blurred from a shaky hand so I'll post better pictures next time. 

As a final note, I bought a little book by Pat Condray on the uniforms of the Great Northern War and in it, he has a comment that Swedish cavalry musicians rode grey horses. I think this is the only place I've seen the comment, though I'll have to read the Lars-Eric Hoglund books again.  I had thought grey horses for musicians was a later 18c development.  If anyone has any definite information one way or the other, please let me know (though I don't think I'll be repainting the horses of the 8 Russian musicians I've already done).   


  1. Looking great. Plans after they are finished?

    Cheers, Ross

    1. Thanks, Ross. For the GNW, the only plans I have is to finish enough Swedish cavalry to have enough painted for both sides in a game of Maurice. After that I'm likely to go back to clearing out my figures. Arabs and Medievals are next I think.

      But you have given me an idea for a future post and I may try to get some photos at the weekend.