Sunday, 17 January 2016

And the GNW stuff moves on ... with a laugh at what's next

Here are some pictures on my GNW stuff just as I get to final stages.  Also some photos of stuff in boxes which I thought about when a friend asked 'what's next?'. 

Here are the units, just missing flags and flock.

Now with the flags and flock. I've still to give the bases a good shake to get rid of the surplus. 

And in the background are the Swedish cavalry. Here are the horses so far. Still have a few manes and tails to do.      
After a friend asked 'what's next?', I had a good laugh, then thought I'd take a couple of pictures.
First, the Danes for the Great Northern War. 
Next, the Seven Years War Austrians.  The cavalry are stored under the foam, just to have everything in the one box.   
The Seven Years War French.  Again, the cavalry are stored under the foam.    
And the Seven Years War Prussians. The cavalry are stored under the foam. I tested a blue wash on the artillerymen, just to see the effect and if I could use it instead of paint or as a starting point for the tunics.        
And the rest of the Great Northern War stuff, Swedish at the top, then Russian infantry, dismounted dragoons and more artillery, then the rest of the Russian cavalry.    
And amusingly (or scarily) this doesn't include ancients, medieval, ECW, ACW, Flames of War and loads and loads of Napoleonics.  


  1. And I thought my lead mountain was terrifying.
    Lovely painting though, and nice to see them virtually finished.