Friday, 3 July 2015

Thursday night at the club

This week it was WIngs of War.  4 of us playing on a 3 x 2.5 foot map.  We managed 3 games in the one night.  

Game 1. 
One chap had got a Gotha bomber, so we set up a scenario where the Gotha had to go the length of the map to complete a bombing mission.  He had a fighter escort and the allies had two fighters to try to stop them.  Great fun. The Gotha takes 27 hits before it goes down (normal planes are about 16 range).  I was on the allied side (some Bristol F2B plane, I think). I managed to get on the Gotha's tail, though couldn't prevent him reaching the target. Fortunately, he missed the target on the first bomb run.  I was then knocked down, but the other allied plane finished off the Gotha.   

Game 2 was a two-a-side dogfight.  Different planes were used.  Usual whirling fun, and this time I managed to be the last plane flying. 

Game 3 was a last-man-standing free-for-all.  Again some different planes, and I had some two-seater thingy. I survived till the last two, but lost to the winner by consistently getting my opponent in my own blind spot while he knocked lumps off me. 

In the background at the club were two games of FoGR, a sci-fi thingy and a new block game on Waterloo (Waterloo 200, I think).  

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  1. The bombers are tough. Tend to be as fast as fighters and well armed. We've done a number of bomber missions, lots of fun.